Friends and Family

Had a really good couple of days. Hung out with some mates, played video games, and laughed for hours.

Resurrected my car photography account. I would like to eventually link it here, but I’m not certain that’s a good idea right now. See below.

Some excellent news on the family side of things. I got caught cleaning egg shells for Cascarilla powder by a relative. Wound up tripping and falling out of the broom closet. She was very encouraging and asked if she could learn with me.

I very gently reminded her that not everyone is accepting of a path like mine. She reiterated her support and seemed to understand the reference to my father and stepmum.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time the last few days picking up where I left off in terms of researching deity and different pantheons. It’s a really nice way to build trust in your intuition. Just kinda clicked through wiki and flipped through different bios reading, learning, seeing who resonates. Probably going to take the rest of the week before looking to see if there’s any major concentration, which could direct me to a particular tradition.

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Sun and Surf

For anybody who needs to just chill and look at something calming.

Went out yesterday just to clear my head. Wound up down in Bradenton and enjoyed the sunset with family. Unsure what it is about water (seeing, hearing, smelling) that affects me so much. Even if I only see the water from the bridge Iโ€™m driving on I still feel better. Maybe my attraction to that element is in part due to being an air sign with fire as her second strongest element in her chart (37% Air, 26% Fire, 21% Earth, 16% Water respectively).

Also, I loved seeing the couple sitting together and chatting with each other. In this digital age, I’ve seen so many people walk side by side staring at their phones rather than hold each other’s hands and the like.