Super Blood Wolf Moon in Leo Lunar Eclipse

What a mouthful!

The one time I would look the other way about getting on top of or leaning against a car lol. Right overhead!

It was also amazing to see all the stars. Though I live a bit away from the city, I was able to enjoy more than our usual swath of twinkling gems in the sky.

There’s a light to the right and south of the moon and one to the west as shown in the top photo above the close up. I wonder what planets they are? Or stars?

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Journal: Salt Life

Feel the breeze. Smell the salt. Release the pain.

Sometimes, the quickest and easiest way for me to recharge is to hop in the car, roll down the windows, and head to the beach.

I’ve never lived especially inland. However, there have been a few times in my life when I have moved to places where I may be near water, but I can’t see it or smell it. On the Gulf Coast, you can wind up in a rural area that feels very isolated and inland, but the Gulf of Mexico is a mile to the west. The air, the movement still helps me to feel better, especially if I have my favourite music playing. Still, it’s not quite the same.

Seeing the beach, the waves, smelling the salt, is probably one of the most powerful forms of passive rejuvenation that I’ve discovered. I say passive to mean that I don’t have to sit and actively focus on clearing my mind, doing an inventory, constantly trying to bring my thoughts under control. It just happens when I go along those coastal drives. Even when it’s super hot, the movement, vision, aromas of Salt Life washes over me and is so cleansing.

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Sun and Surf

For anybody who needs to just chill and look at something calming.

Went out yesterday just to clear my head. Wound up down in Bradenton and enjoyed the sunset with family. Unsure what it is about water (seeing, hearing, smelling) that affects me so much. Even if I only see the water from the bridge Iโ€™m driving on I still feel better. Maybe my attraction to that element is in part due to being an air sign with fire as her second strongest element in her chart (37% Air, 26% Fire, 21% Earth, 16% Water respectively).

Also, I loved seeing the couple sitting together and chatting with each other. In this digital age, I’ve seen so many people walk side by side staring at their phones rather than hold each other’s hands and the like.