Journal: Salt Life

Feel the breeze. Smell the salt. Release the pain.

Sometimes, the quickest and easiest way for me to recharge is to hop in the car, roll down the windows, and head to the beach.

I’ve never lived especially inland. However, there have been a few times in my life when I have moved to places where I may be near water, but I can’t see it or smell it. On the Gulf Coast, you can wind up in a rural area that feels very isolated and inland, but the Gulf of Mexico is a mile to the west. The air, the movement still helps me to feel better, especially if I have my favourite music playing. Still, it’s not quite the same.

Seeing the beach, the waves, smelling the salt, is probably one of the most powerful forms of passive rejuvenation that I’ve discovered. I say passive to mean that I don’t have to sit and actively focus on clearing my mind, doing an inventory, constantly trying to bring my thoughts under control. It just happens when I go along those coastal drives. Even when it’s super hot, the movement, vision, aromas of Salt Life washes over me and is so cleansing.

As a Gemini, especially with a Venus in Cancer, I can feel like I’m drowning in my emotions. My Capricorn Moon will stuff down and compartmentalize for the sake of productivity and progress. Before I know it, the project or phase is over and I can breathe. That’s when whatever I’ve been avoiding begins to float to the surface.

At my core, I believe there is a logical solution to conflict and heartache. There’s a strategy or an agreement between the parties that can be reached to diffuse and prevent this strife from happening again. I can’t analyze why I feel what I feel, why things were said that were said, and all the rest if I’m caught up in the whirlpool of my emotions. Hey, I’m a Gemini Sun, Aquarius Rising, with Mercury in Gemini. I believe clearing the air and honest communication can heal almost any type of hurt. But, I have to be able to step outside of the storm to then have a chance to assess things.

When I was dealing with very stressful clients, I made it a point that every Friday after work (and sometimes in the middle of the week if it was warranted) to take the ‘long way home’. By that, I mean take the back rural roads home. The speed limit was usually 45mph and higher with much less traffic. Plus, those routes and a fair amount of curves in them for some good fun. Did it work as well as driving along the beach? I will say that it worked differently. I had to make this a regular habit just to stay grounded and light in my heart. A Gemini with a heavy heart is a horrible thing. Been there. Weighed down air is a nightmare.

So, my suggestion to combat stagnation or to move into a place for better perspective is to do the most logical thing: get moving. That may be to dance, to work out, to go for a walk or a bike ride, or hop in the car.


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