Tarot Spread: The Ocean Spread by Kiki’s Cauldron



The last month or so I have been healing and resting by the ocean. This spread was inspired by that. This is a longer, more in depth reading for self discovery. I have found it to be a playful and soothing read. This tarot spread will be featured in the July 2018 edition of Witch Way Magazine, along with articles I’ve written on Florida Water and shell divination. I hope you enjoy!

this is beautiful

My gosh, what an amazing spread! And with Cancer season round the corner!

I’ve always felt super connected to water and sea life. While I’ve never lived super far inland, the times that I’ve lived further away from the coast than what would allow me to visit it regularly severely hampered my ability to recharge. In fact, during those parts of my life I would find a similar (though much less potent) effect by watching videos of waves on beaches or HD scuba exploration. I was taking a lot of long hot baths and visiting the pool also to just float and feel the water envelop me.

But nothing calms me more than driving along the beach with the windows open smelling the salt in the air, hearing the rhythm of the waves. Even just seeing water when I’m traversing one of the many major bridges in our area calms me. And now I’m back living in a place where I can look out a window and see a little group of dolphins (or other creatures) frolic.

My “Safe Zone” is a serene tropical island.

Sometimes (stuck at a desk at work), I will put on a desktop or screen saver of the ocean. One of the most successful meditations I use to reduce stress and stop panic attacks is a visualization involving the ocean and waves. Part of it involves me sitting on the sand (in my “safe zone”) with my feet just far enough that the surf washes over my toes. Much like the Queen of Cups, my 2nd favorite Queen.

I “only” have four placements in Water: Venus in Cancer, Jupiter and Vesta in Pisces, and Pluto in Scorpio. My other placements/aspects break down into five in Air, six in Fire, and four in Earth. However, my North Node is 28-29 degrees Aries in my 2nd house (Taurus ruled), which spans 5 degrees Aries to 9 degrees Taurus. I count this with the Earth signs as it feels way more Taurean than fiery Aries. With a Gem Sun, Cap Moon, Aqua Rising, appearing distant or disinterested can be very easy, but when I feel (or decide to love and protect someone) I 1000% am in it. Oh, South Node in 8th House ruled by Scorpio, but still technically in Libra. I can see traits/themes from both. Perhaps one twin is Aries/Libra and the other is Taurus/Scorpio.

Nevertheless, my friends (and even acquaintances) often open up to me about things – which I don’t mind, if it helps them. But it’s always very heavy stuff. Someone is always sitting with me excavating their emotions. This happens a lot in situations where it seems like I’m the only one who can see (or cares to see) that this person is having a problem.

I think of how Scorpio can read others, but can’t see themselves. Sometimes, I wish someone would help me unpack my Cap Moon blockages, but that’s for another time. I learned a lot about myself after a recent heartbreak (over a Scorpio, water-water-water-everywhere) and that jump started a lot of self healing in the last few months.

Going into Cancer season, I feel prepared. Maybe even a little excited.

But first! I’m doing this spread tonight!


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